Homework in 2nd Grade

Homework can always be found in the Homework Pocket of your second grader’s MOOSE binder.  It is due the following day.

Generally, students will have a math worksheet each night.  On Tuesdays, they will bring home a decodable reader which will allow them to practice the week’s phonics skill as well as build their reading fluency. The decodable reader should be read to an adult.  It should be signed and returned the following day.   Wednesdays, students will bring home a book-in-a-bag, which is closer to their reading level, and includes some comprehension questions. The reading log in the bag should be filled in each week and returned in the bag the following day.  There will also be additional practice pages for reading, spelling, grammar, or religion each week.  We try to send NO homework on Fridays!

Monday – Math and ELA or Religion
Tuesday – Math worksheet and Decodable Reader
Wednesday – Math worksheet and Book in a Bag
Thursday – Math worksheet and study Spelling wordsPeriodically, families will be asked to support their second graders at home with a fun project.  Letters will be sent to explain the task as well as give due dates.  Examples of fun 2nd grade projects include, but are not limited to the following:

-Disguise a Turkey!
-Decorate a Christmas Tree for our annual Festival of Trees
-Research an important person for Black History Month
-Make and write about a “Lost Mitten”